Climate change and sustainability

The challenge of climate change has become a business reality. Companies face the growing prospect of voluntary and mandatory climate change programmes where they must account for their carbon usage and measure progress in reducing their footprint.

For responsible companies wanting to demonstrate their climate change credentials, this presents an opportunity to enhance their corporate reputation, improve performance and gain competitive advantage. An effective climate change strategy, carefully designed to match the needs of your business and verified by a recognised independent and impartial party, will deliver significant business benefits. It will:

  • Provide a verifiable record of your greenhouse gas (GHG) management and emissions reductions.
  • Target areas where performance can be improved.
  • Address stakeholder demands for transparency.
  • Bring credibility and trust to your emission reduction claims.
These benefits can translate into cost savings as well as opportunities to enhance your reputation with customers and supply chain partners, thereby securing and sustaining your business.