Food Safety & Responsible Sourcing

Are you sure that your food supply chain is safe, secure and sustainable?

The food industry faces ever more demanding customers, increasing government requirements, brand issues, environmental impacts, growth and profitability concerns.

We have been working with the world's top brands to achieve the best from their management systems for more than 25 years. We help you protect your brand reputation and consumers by addressing the complexity of risks, up and down your supply chain, and assuring food safety and sustainability.

To serve you, we have food assessors who combine our unique methodology with considerable sector experience and extensive knowledge of international and local standards and schemes.

We welcome Acoura to the Lloyd's Register group

Acoura, a member of the Lloyd’s Register group (LR) since 2016, is a leading provider of food safety, sustainability and brand compliance services for the food and drink supply chain.

Based in the UK but operating in 40 countries, we work with farms, fisheries, food manufacturers, supermarkets, restaurants and pubs, and offer a full range of services aimed at helping food and drink providers protect their brand, staff and customers. These services include audits, training, consultancy and support through our market leading technology solutions.

Since our inception, we’ve grown to become world leaders in sustainable fish inspections, the UK’s largest providers of farm assurance for the red meat and dairy sector and pioneers in the development in supplier compliance technology.

Together, LR and Acoura offer a unique proposition to the global food sector thereby delivering increased brand protection for our customers through supply chain assurance “from the farm or the sea to fork.”

The acquisition of Acoura builds on LR’s stated commitment of using technology to drive supply chain resilience through real-time traceability and transparency.

Here's a short video on Acoura's services and you can find out more about the standards and services we bring to LR here.

Accredited seafood assurance services are delivered by Acoura.