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LRQA has been consistently first to meet the certification needs of business. For over 25 years, our people have been at the forefront of all the major developments that have shaped the independent certification industry. Today, it is with our help that organisations globally can be confident their systems and operations meet the demands of stakeholders with a view to helping ensure long-term sustainable growth.

As recognised voices in the industry, our experts are regularly part of national and international technical committees such as accreditation forums, standard committees and industry sector groups. We represent your interests and the interests of certification bodies.

Being part of these committees, we have the opportunity to think ahead and influence developments and improvements. We can then help you benefit from our knowledge and increase your awareness of future trends.

Cor Groenveld

Cor Groenveld

Cor Groenveld is the Global Head of Food Supply Chain Services at LRQA.

Madlen King, Climate Change, LRQA Business Assurance

Madlen King

Global Head of Climate Change and Sustainabilty

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