Certification renewal

Certification renewal can be a challenging time for any organisation, but it can be exciting too. It’s an opportunity to get everyone in the organisation focused on meeting the needs of certification.

It’s a time to remind people of the benefits, and the critical importance to the success of the organisation of effective management systems. Our approach to certification renewal is informed by the focus visit, where we will have discussed your needs and how your organisation is changing. We’ll take these changing requirements into account, to ensure we are reaffirming the total integrity of your systems.

Seeing the bigger picture

At other stages of the process, such as in themed surveillance visits, we will focus on specific areas that are important to your business. For certification renewal, however, we set out to see the bigger picture, to make sure that all of the linked processes within your organisation work together as they should.

Often this may mean interrogating some of the more minor processes, at the periphery of the organisation. We need to make sure that everything works as it should, that nothing has drifted.

It means the certification renewal visits can be more thorough, more wide-ranging and involve more people and more departments.

Get people involved

These visits are more high profile, and people throughout the organisation will need to know why we are there and what we are doing. This is a good time to let people know about the benefits the process can deliver for the way they work. Re-certification is not automatic and you will need to show that you continue to meet the standard. This element of doubt can itself deliver value.

Certificate renewal can provide the impetus and motivation to get people to tackle any issues that have been outstanding for too long to ensure a smooth and successful certificate renewal outcome.

This is also a time when your organisation can gain insight into where it is strong, and where there is work to do. You will learn important information about how well you meet customer expectations and if there are any issues you need to address.

Communicate the message

When our assessors deliver their findings, this is an opportunity to get senior people in the organisation involved. These are important messages that can help you improve how you operate.

You should aim to communicate the findings as widely as possible. Of course, renewal of the certificate is something of which your organisation can be very proud, and success should be communicated to everyone who has contributed - which should probably mean everyone in the organisation.

Certification renewal is a great achievement. It’s an independent assurance that your processes continue to satisfy stakeholders’ needs. It provides insight into the effectiveness of your systems.

And it gives your organisation enhanced credibility through the status and value of the LRQA brand.


  • your management systems are designed around the most critical business risks
  • your processes are creating the results that stakeholders demand 
  • your management approach delivers continuous improvement