Gap Analysis

We'll assess how ready your system is for a certification assessment.

An LRQA gap analysis reviews how your management system has addressed, or plans to address, all requirements of a standard.

This assessment gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have about your system, or the assessment process, with us. The analysis will help you to identify any weaknesses in the management system, and will help the assessor estimate realistic timescales for the certification assessment. If the gap analysis shows any major deficiencies in your system, it is important that you allow for a period of consolidation and maturity before we carry out the certification assessment.

This type of assessment uses a sampling technique. The assessment will concentrate on interpretation and implementation of the relevant requirements rather than on detailed conformity. By using a sampling approach we can give you guidance on the strengths and weaknesses of your system.

Gap Analyses assess your existing management system or procedures against the full requirements of a standard or the changed requirements of a revised one. This assessment does not result in certification.