Second Party Supply Chain Services

The challenge of globalisation coupled with a dependency on supply chains which can offer span multiple countries and continents, presents a significant element of risk to any organisation.

Worldwide, organisations are increasingly turning to bespoke solutions to further enhance the level of assurance against their global operations with second-party supply chain solutions.

LRQA provides second-party supply chain services to any organisation – irrespective of their size, sector or geographical location. With the increasing complexity of global supply chains, organisations need to know that their supply chains are safe and sustainable in order to protect their brand reputation and increase consumer confidence in their products and services.

Customised assurance - tailored to meet your needs

Our second party supply chain services offer tailored client-specific assessment solutions to give you an additional level of assurance over and above your certified management system(s) that organisations serving your supply chain are operating to a consistently high level.

LRQA’s management systems experience means that we have an established global network of qualified auditors ready to provide effective supply chain management solutions. Therefore, our second-party services provide you with the assurance that your suppliers meet your specifications and when necessary, regulatory guidelines. Thanks to being part of the Lloyd’s Register Group Limited, LRQA has unparalleled access to resource thereby enabling us to undertake any type of inspection, surveillance, verification or audit service to address specific requirements or regulatory codes in most industry areas.

Providing you with the assurance you need

We work alongside you providing impartial, independent services to provide you and your stakeholders with the assurance that your supplier chain is operating to your specified criteria and will operate safely and reliably.

Understanding your needs is vital, and you can be assured that after 250 years in operation, we have come to understand our client’s needs and the sectors they serve.